Equine Portrait Photographers

by Enrique Urdaneta

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Equine Portrait Photographers

As photographers, both professional and amateur, we recognize nature at its finest and reach for our cameras, anxious to capture the essence of the equine. But all too often, the images lack the spark that allows the horse its universal appeal. And the photographer is left wondering what he could have done that would have improved them.

Equine photographers usually have an assistant be the "ear-getter", an important aspect of the shoot. The horse sees separately from each eye. When he is paying attention, both eyes and ears are pointing towards the same spot. Delegate someone, preferably a horseperson, to "get" the ears to prick forward, both in the same direction.

The helper will rattle a bucket of grain, grab a handful of grass, jangle and toss a set of keys, or purse their lips and cluck. Horses learn quickly that the treat will not come their way, or that the spooky noise is in actuality not a threat. So make certain that your assistant waits until you are set. Be prepared and focused, with the shutter at the ready; often the animal's attention lasts only a second or two. The noise is made, the ears go up, and you shoot!

Unless you are yourself a horseperson, always bow to the experience of the handler, even if what he or she is suggesting goes against your creative grain. Opening a folded reflector with a snap, or using a flash at the wrong moment could see the animal run right over you and/or your equipment.

If you find yourself photographing a stallion, you may discover that they are often difficult to get attentive. Things that work for a mare, gelding or foal, could well go right over a stallion's head. They have, what they consider, more important things on their minds.... Often a mirror will help, as he will be extremely interested in what that horse is doing in his territory. Just use caution that it does not become an unwanted reflector.

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