How To Cope With Soreness And Stiffness Caused By Riding

How To Cope With Soreness And Stiffness Caused By Riding

How To Cope With Soreness And Stiffness Caused By Riding


It’s certainly no secret that riding is an extremely physically demanding sport. Sometimes, we walk away from a ride feeling great. Other times, we walk away feeling pretty sore or stiff. Continue reading for some tips for coping with soreness and stiffness caused by riding.



Like with any other sport, stretching before and after a ride can cause a night and day difference in the way your body handles a good workout. Take a few moments before and after each ride to do some good stretching to help your muscles relieve tension and aid in the recovery from the workout. You’d be surprised what a massive difference just a few minutes of stretching can make!


 Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated helps decrease inflammation in the body. We all know that a good ride, especially in the summer, is more than enough to break a sweat. To compensate for the fluids you lose in sweat, make sure that you stay hydrated. Bring a large refillable water bottle with you to the barn, and make it a goal to finish at least one bottle before the time you leave.


Don’t Push Yourself

It’s good to feel the burn, but sometimes your body may be telling you to slow down. Pace yourself; when you expect to be doing more riding than usual, or if you suspect that your ride will be a little more physically challenging than usual, be sure to do some extra stretching before and after, and take it easy for the next couple rides, if possible.


Riding can be an excellent form of exercise, and there is no doubt that it keeps us and our muscles in great shape. Use the tips you learned here to cope with soreness from riding so you can continue getting right back in the saddle!


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