Boots And Wraps: When Are They Needed?

Boots And Wraps: When Are They Needed?

As horse owners, we are constantly looking for ways to keep our horses healthy and happy. One thing that many individuals may be a little confused about is the need for protective boots and wraps on the legs. Continue reading for a breakdown of popular protective legwear and footwear methods.


Splint Boots

Splint boots are a popular and cost effective method of leg protection. There are multiple different brands and types of splint boots that serve different purposes, but generally speaking, splint boots are an excellent way to prevent the horse from accidentally injuring them during a ride. Some horses have issues with cross-stepping and injuring one leg with another, while others may tend to clip a rail or two while jumping.


Polo Wraps

Polo Wraps

Polo Wraps

Polo wraps serve a very similar purpose to splint boots, though they should not be applied unless the individual is confident in their wrapping ability. Polo wraps can be extremely beneficial, but when applied incorrectly, they can cut off circulation to the leg and cause damage. They are best used during a ride or during transport, as the wrap has the potential to become unwrapped if the horse steps on them.


Bell Boots

Bell boots are an excellent option for horses who tend to clip their front hooves, which can cause damage to the shoe or hoof. They are most useful for horses that are stalled for long periods of time, or while shipping.


While these are just a few methods of protecting the legs, these are the most popular and most successful. Every horse’s situation is unique, so take a look at your horse’s situation to determine which method would be best to ensure that their legs are as protected as possible in order to prevent injury or lameness.


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