Worldwide PhotoWalk 2017 - Delray Beach

I am always trying to get out of my comfort zone. Street photography for me is very challenging, approaching a complete stranger to get a portrait is not my forte. Before going shooting, I propose myself a few goals, one of them is always to approach people and interact with them with the final objective of getting a portrait, always chicken out and fail. Instead, I end up photographing curiosities, try to capture moments, buildings and landmarks of the place.

This time I decided to go out with the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Delray Beach, Florida, there was 1000 photo walks around the world the same day in different cities. Here is the link to their website if you want to collaborate with their cause,

Delray Beach is the closest city to my home and happens to be a very interesting town. Atlantic Avenue is very cool and full of amazing places to go shop, entertain and eat.

It was different and very fun, met other photographers and found out that many store owners in Atlantic Avenue are super open to collaborating!

Next time I will still try to achieve my main goal, get to ask every person in the street to get his portrait; I hope next time I succeed!

#wwpw2017 #delrayphotowalk