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Capture the REAL moments:

Lifestyle photography for all occasion

We hear it all the time: “I don’t want my photos to look posed.” With a lifestyle photography session your images will be anything but posed. Think candids that serve to “capture the moment” versus staging a scene, and stunning, true-to-life photography that tells your story just as it is, at that precise moment. This slice-of-life approach is great for any genre of photography including equine, pets, engagements, family sessions or other special occasions. With action driven details it will bring your images to life over and over again.

My session usually lasts about 1.5 hours (with dogs) 2-3 hours (with horses) on average and in this time period I do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to shooting the special moments. I help personalize the experience as much as possible and make both the customer as well as the animal at ease so that I can capture the ideal moments in the best way possible. It is not only my job but my passion to document the one-of-a-kind connection between individuals and their horses/dogs. I realize how much they mean to them and how important the photo shoot is for them. Hence, I come prepared to deliver more than what they are looking for and do not leave until and unless they are completely thrilled. Together, let's make some lasting memories.

I found Enrique through a friend who recommended him. I checked his website and Instagram and I got hooked right away.
— Ceqoh T

Getting the kids involved: Shooting lifestyle photography with your children

Lifestyle photography is the perfect approach for capturing the beauty and authenticity of childhood. Make sure your little ones are well rested, make sure they’re comfortable and confident in both their clothes and their surroundings, and make sure you come armed with patience—then let the magic happen. A favorite snack, toy or book doesn’t hurt either!

Believe it or not, the most successful shoots are often the ones that let the kids lead. It’s a magical, spirited time and there’s so much to take in. By sitting back and capturing those honest moments you’ll ensure a stunning shoot you’ll love for decades

Equine Photographer

Dress for Success: What to Wear for your Photo Session

1. Coordinate—but don’t be matchy/matchy

If you’re shooting with another person, make sure your outfits complement one another’s. Choose a consistent color palette (which does not mean the same color). If someone is wearing a bold pattern, dress the rest of the group in more solids, but be sure each carries one or more colors from the “star” outfit for consistency.

2. Accessorize!

Scarves, hats, bows, bands…it all adds a fun twist to an otherwise “standard” look. Accessories are also a great place to coordinate looks. For example, if Mom is wearing a bright pattern with lavender, pink and gray, little brother can rock a pair a gray sneakers while Dad can choose a lavender vest and big sis with a pink headband.

3. Dress kids for comfort and movement

Kids naturally run, skip, dance and jump around during photo sessions—they’re kids! To avoid unnecessary aggravation, let them be comfortable in the clothes and opt for apparel that accentuates their natural energy. Skirts, fedoras, scarves, and knit sweaters allow for natural movement, so when the kids start getting wild, their clothes will look even better.

4. Try for Texture

Layers and textures and can really add depth to your photos. Look for clothes and accessories with rich, simple detailing—embroidery, tweed, ribbons, etc—or layer pieces to add dimension and texture. Texture is especially important if you want a lot of black and white shots, which naturally need more visual depth and detail than color images. Also, because you’ll want to keep the pace going during your session, layering is a great way to make quick, convenient outfifit changes—pull offff the sweater, slip on the vest and you’ve got a whole new look!

5. Be timeless

You’ll have these pictures for generations—don’t date yourself! Choose classic, timeless pieces, or even vintage apparel and accessories. Opt for the latest trends and you may feel otherwise about that amazing outfit in a few years (or even a few months) from now.


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What is Horse or Equine Portrait Photography?

In Horse Portrait Photography the subject can be the horse and the person who wants to be photographed with the horse. Horse Portrait Photography can capture the subject’s movement, grace, the entire body and even the background. The focus is on shooting the photo in such a way that the personality of the subject(s) comes across through his/her mood and expression.

I am not a professional model; what do I do?

Everyone has many features that makes them uniquely beautiful. Enrique captures each client’s best features and makes skilled use of lights, shadows and angles that flatter every subject’s look and appeal. Enrique will also guide you with posing. Clients can also avail the services of professional hair and make-up artists available by Enrique's team for a polished look and well-groomed appearance in photographs. Final skillful editing of the photographs will further ensure that clients and their horses looks every bit as naturally elegant and physically perfect as possible. All you need is confidence and a positive attitude; Enrique will take care of the rest.

Amazing photographer. Highly recommended.
— Daniela T

May we bring props to our session?

Props can add interest and personality to your photos. If you would like to include props, please let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.

Miami Horse Photographer Enrique Urdaneta

How long do sessions last?

Session time varies depending on the package you select. Sessions span average about two to three hours, add an additional hour for make up.

Will you suggest a location for the session?

I’d loved to share some of my favorite places! Don’t feel like you are limited to my suggestions. Also, please keep in mind that when horses are involved, it’s best to stick to one or two setting around the stables. Pick a place where they are comfortable being themselves.

How can we best prepare for the session?

Get yourself and your family excited about the session. Whether you go all out on a styled shoot or purchase new outfits for everyone. It’s great when you can involve the entire family. 

Is there a time that is better than others for outdoor photo sessions?

Dog Photographer Enrique Urdaneta

The best time for an outdoor photo session is either early in the morning or right around sunset. I’ve found that the best light is usually 15-20 minutes before sunset and 15-20 minutes after. You can visit to get an accurate time for sunset on your scheduled photo session day and then back up approx. 2 to 3 hours from that time for start time. You want to make sure to factor in extra time just in case you happen to be running late, want to change outfits during the session, makeup, hair, etc…

What is included in a session?

All sessions include travel to the location, 2-3 hour experience, my services during the shoot, editing of the images and a credit amount for prints. A set number of images are provided upon completion based on the package selected. Also, you can order more or bigger prints a la carte.

What type of payment do you accept?

I accept checks, paypal, Venmo, Cash app and all major credit cards.

How long after the session until I see my photos?

Turnaround for photos is approx. 1 week. I will usually post a few sneak peak images to social media within 24-48 hours of the session, so make sure you are connected!

Who makes the final selection of the photographs?

I had such a great time with Enrique, he made me feel comfortable and gave me some great tips that really worked out. I’ve had several photoshoots in the past, and Enrique is one of my favorites! Thank you so much !
— Blue Eleven

The customer does. The best photographs from the shoot are uploaded in a password protected online gallery and you will receive a call from Enrique to meet or Skype to go over the images and select your favorites. When the client chooses his/her favorite images from the gallery, only then do we finalize the order and deliver the chosen products.  

The horse keeps moving!

We are very experienced working with a wide variety of horses and understand they have particular personalities and temperaments. We will take our time and ensure that we get the shots that we need.

Equine Photographer : FAQ

How will my horse react to the photographic environment?

Our sessions include a combination of natural and/or artificial lights. We have found over thousands of pictures that most horses do not even notice artificial lights or flash. A useful tip is to take a photo with flash using your own camera to see how your horse reacts. We always check your horse's reactions to particular flash and camera equipment we use.  If your horse is sensible to the flash, we may use a battery-powered light source instead, or will focus on natural light shots.

How many pictures are taken and selected?

We typically capture hundreds of images during your photo shoot.  Then we refine with you the selection to provide you with around 50 edited of the very best ones. 

Is traveling included?

Our prices include travel within 75 miles of Boca Raton, Florida. We are open to discuss longer distances for a mutually agreeable fee. We can service Nationwide.

Pet Photographer Enrique Urdaneta

What is the cost of an Enrique Urdaneta photo shoot?

Enrique believes in delivering top quality, unique and creative photographs. Every experience is different and customized to you, and to give you a quote we need to chat over the phone to understand what are you looking for your session.

Horses and/or Pets - All experiences include travel to the location (South Florida), 2-3 hour experience, my services during the shoot, editing of the images and a credit amount for prints. Also, you can order more or bigger prints a la carte.

A la carte

Prints - We use the highest quality fine art papers for all our prints and Wall art, price depends on material, size and quantities.

Folio Box - Includes 8, 16 or 24 photos printed in fine art paper 8x10 inches. Your printed photos deserve to be presented in a beautiful and elegant handcrafted Portfolio Box. With unique, wrap-around closure and colorful fabric selection, stunning and durable, this box is a treasure itself. Your matted prints may be nestled within or brought out for display throughout your home. Experiencing one image at a time is a special pleasure, luxuriating in the memories that surround it.

By the way, one of the things that separates us from all the other horse photographer in the area is that we **love** creating photographs that will bring tears of joy to your eyes when you see them.

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One more thing - and it's important - another one of the things that separates us from all the other horse photographer in the area is our **guarantee**. We absolutely guarantee you will be **THRILLED** (not just "satisfied") with your portraits or we will do whatever is necessary to see to it you are **THRILLED**, or we will give you all your money back. No hassles and no hard feelings either. If you're not **THRILLED**, we don't deserve to be paid. That's just the honest way we feel about our horse photography. Give us a call now at 561-245-0634 and we'll chat!


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