Equine Photography

by Enrique Urdaneta

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Equine Photography.

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Equine Photography

Equine Photography

Horses are great creatures known for their ability to cross miles with ease, please their owner on demand and are known for their gamesmanship during polo matches.  Equine portraiture has been the art of choice for emperors for a long time and equine photography is the modern day equivalent of portraiture art at work. Equine photography captures the unique spirit and grace of horses. However, there is a lot more to creating unique and beautiful horse images than most people believe. Equine art photography is a combination of talent, skill, patience and much more. To learn the skill of equine art photography, photographers need to develop a thorough understanding of their equipment and subject. Without knowledge of lighting and an understanding of equine behavior, equine images photography will not have their desired, maximum impact. Equine photography tips include addressing common methods of photographing Andalusians, Friesians, Arabians, dressage horses and more. Delivery of a satisfactory equine photography requires addressing all the important elements of composition. Equine art is molded on the same principles as all other styles of photography.  When capturing a picture, you will need to check for shot symmetry, texture, depth of field and lines.

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