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Equine Photographer: FAQ

Equine Photographer: FAQ

Equine Photographer: FAQ

What is Horse or Equine Portrait Photography?

In Horse Portrait Photography the subject can be the horse and the person who wants to be photographed with the horse. Horse Portrait Photography can capture the subject’s movement, grace, the entire body and even the background. The focus is on shooting the photo in such a way that the personality of the subject(s) comes across through his/her mood and expression.

I don’t have the perfect look for a professional photograph; what do I do?

Everyone has at least one feature that makes them uniquely beautiful. Enrique captures each client’s best features and makes skilled use of lights, shadows and angles that flatter every subject’s look and appeal.

Clients can also avail the services of professional hair and make-up artists available by Enrique's team for a polished look and well-groomed appearance in photographs.

Final skillful editing of the photographs will further ensure that clients and their horses looks every bit as naturally elegant and physically perfect as possible.

All you need is confidence and a positive attitude; Enrique will take care of the rest.

Where will the photo shoot take place?

Enrique’s foremost concern is making each client feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during a photography session. Whether clients are comfortable in the privacy of their own homes or stables or at any other location, they will be accommodated to be photographed at their venue of choice without a hitch. 

Who makes the final selection of the photographs?

The client does. The best photographs from the shoot are uploaded in a password protected online gallery and you will receive a call from Enrique to go over the images and select your favorites. When the client chooses his/her favorite images from the gallery, only then do we finalize the order and deliver the chosen products.  

Will you publish my photos on your website or Facebook?

Enrique Urdaneta will only publish in his social media or website if you give your permission. It is your right to keep your images private but in the event that you would like them to be published on our website or our Facebook fan page, please let us know.

What is the cost of an Enrique Urdaneta photo shoot?

Enrique believes in delivering top quality, unique and creative photographs. For the different photography package or a la carte options offered, please contact us.

The horse keeps moving!

We are very experienced working with a wide variety of horses and understand they have particular personalities and temperaments. We will take our time and ensure that we get the shots that we need.

How will my horse react to the photographic environment?

Our sessions include a combination of natural and/or artificial lights. We have found over thousands of pictures that most horses do not even notice artificial lights or flash. A useful tip is to take a photo with flash using your own camera to see how your horse reacts. We always check your horse's reactions to particular flash and camera equipment we use.  If your horse is sensible to the flash, we may use a battery-powered light source instead, or will focus on natural light shots.

How many pictures are taken and selected?

We typically take over one hundred images during your photo shoot.  Then we refine with you the selection to provide you with around 15-20 edited of the very best ones. 

Is traveling included?

Our prices include travel within 75 miles of Boca Raton, Florida. We are open to discuss longer distances for a mutually agreeable fee. We can service Nationwide.

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Wellington Horse Photographer : FAQ